Lap Harp and Guitar tuner for iOS
Best for beginners!

What is the "Guslar"

Tune your Lap Harp "Perepёlochka" quickly and easily with your smartphone or tablet.
"Perepёlochka" is also known as "Nepenenoyka", "The Music Maker", "Melody Harp".
Theese instruments are similar, but have different tuning. GUSLAR supports all of them.

Sound detection

Guslar program recognizes the sounds of strings and tells you which way to turn the pegs to adjust the strings in the desired fashion. Tuning lap harp is very easy with Guslar app.


The program includes a tuning fork, which allows you to tune the instrument by ear.

Using Guslar

More about guslar and lap harps

How to tune a Lap Harp? Just take Guslar app and follow the arrow at your iOS device's screen :)